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Run Payroll on Your Schedule with our Payroll Solution! 

Our Payroll is the simple, affordable online alternative to expensive, traditional payroll services. You just enter, review and approve payroll online anywhere, anytime — we take care of everything else. Why Pay More for Traditional Payroll Providers?

With InTéléSoft Payroll you can rely on us to…

  • Save you up to 30% compared to traditional payroll models.
  • Give you peace of mind with Payroll Preview, so you know it’s accurate.
  • Provide you instant access to your payroll reports online
  • Ensure you have the help you need with unlimited support from friendly, U.S.-based payroll experts and comprehensive online help.
  • Help your employees cut down on bank trips with free direct deposit.

Thanks to these unbeatable features…

  •  Automatic calculations and deductions for each paycheck – for W2 and 1099 employees.
  • 1-click time-saving technology and the ability to adjust employee hours and pay rates every pay period.
  • Full-service federal, state and local payroll tax payment and filing.
  • Unlimited support from U.S.-based payroll experts.
  • Automatic new hire reporting and access to labor law posters, business forms and HR how-to guides.
  • Direct deposit or print manual checks.
  • Emails notifying employees they’ve been paid.
  • Secure online access to employees individual pay stubs and payroll history.

Payroll Comparison

Our Payroll vs. Traditional Payroll Management

See How Full-Service Payroll Stacks Up Against the Competition

Online payroll doesn’t mean watered-down service. Because we’re online, we offer the same payroll management features as traditional providers for up to 70% of the cost. With InTéléSoft Payroll you can take advantage of award-winning features with prices and services built for small business.

Top 5 Reasons People Switch to InTéléSoft Payroll (click here)

Pay Options
Our Payroll
Direct deposit
Locally printed checks
Email notification of payment / online pay stubs
Employee access to payroll information
Complete control over payroll data entry
Process payroll anywhere you have Internet access
Our Payroll
Time Clock Integration
Accounting Software Integration
Our Payroll
Online help
Tax experts who will work with the IRS
Our Payroll
Tax filings and deposits
Automatic new hire reporting
Labor law posters